"Clover" Gemstone & Diamond stacking rings in yellow & white gold
“Flat” Diamond Sevilla Collection in white Gold - Earrings - Ring
"Flat" Diamond Sevilla Collection in white gold -  Drop Earrings - Pendant - Diamond Chain
“Clover” Gemstone & Diamond rings, earrings & pendant in Green Amethyst / Amethyst / Blue Topaz & Yellow Beryl in yellow & white gold. Rings - Studs - Drop earrings - Pendant
Amethyst briolette double strand choker with gold braid clasp. Clover Green Amethyst & Diamond clip earrings. Clover Amethyst & Diamond clip earrings
“Clover” Gemstone & Diamond rings, earrings & pendant in Green Amethyst / Amethyst / Blue Topaz & Yellow Beryl in yellow & white gold. Rings - Studs - Drop earrings
Emerald cut Amethyst & Green Amethyst Sevilla drop earrings in white gold - Emerald cut Amethyst & Green Amethyst & Diamond rings in white gold
Flat diamond Sevilla Collection  in white gold. Earrings - Drop earrings - Ring. Pendant - Diamond chain
From top: Detachable pear shape briolette Blue Topaz drops & diamond Sevilla earrings in white gold. Blue Topaz drops. Sevilla diamond earrings - Cushion shaped green amethyst, blue topaz & diamond drop earrings. Detachable large Green Amethyst cushion briolette drop & flat Diamond Sevilla earrings -  Green Amethyst drops -  Flat Sevilla earrings
"Flat Sevilla" Collection in Yellow Gold-  Ring -  Earrings -  Pendant
“Button“ earrings with hardstone discs & gemstones in gold from top:   Chalcedony & rose cut Diamond in white gold -  Jade & rose cut Rubies in yellow gold -  Carnelian & Apatite in white gold -  Lapis & Emerald in yellow gold - Chrysoprase & Yellow Sapphire in yellow gold
Sevilla stacking rings in yellow & white gold : Plain gold -  With diamonds
JdJ Gemstone & Diamond stacking rings
Clockwise from top left: Double Circle diamond earrings  -  JdJ Eternity bands -  Sapphire slice & Diamond ring - Black diamond & freshwater pearl necklace with white gold bar clasp
JdJ Diamond & Gemstone Eternity bands
G Series. Flare Earrings & Ring
Freshwater Pearl & yellow gold drop Sevilla necklaces:  with Citrine & Amethyst - with  Green amethyst
“Pagoda” Citrine, Blue Topaz & freshwater pearl earrings in yellow gold
Lemon Citrine double drop necklace on handmade gold chain. - Green Turquoise ,  Freshwater Pearl opera length necklace with yellow gold braided bar clasp
Sevilla diamond pendant in yellow gold  & earrings -  Diamond, Yellow Diamond & Yellow Sapphire stacking rings. Cocobolo wood  & yellow gold Sevilla cuff
Frame Earrings. Pink & Blue Sapphires
Smokey Quartz, Champagne Diamond & Black Spinel bead bracelet in rose gold -  “Shape” earrings in yellow gold - Smokey Quartz briolette bracelet with sterling silver clasp
Opera length mixed gemstone necklace with yellow gold bar clasp. Emerald cut Lavender Amethyst, freshwater pearl & gold drop earrings
Braid & Sevilla Braid bangles -  Braid & Sevilla braid stacking rings -  Diamond & yellow gold braid “Equis”  bracelet
Statement Ring. Kunzite
Braided bands in yellow & white gold. Braid & Sevilla stacking rings -   Diamond & yellow gold Sevilla bracelet
Lavender Amethyst, Green Amethyst, Blue Topaz & White Topaz three stone rings in Sterling Silver
“Bella” Rose Quartz & Green Amethyst chunk briollette choker with yellow gold & Pink Tourmaline cabochon braided bar clasp
Leather chord Sevilla Bracelets / Necklaces
Rare & unusual...carved pink Opal choker with pink tourmaline & braided bar clasp in yellow gold
Green amethyst &  Blue Topazdrop earrings with  Freshwater Pearls - Freshwater Pearl & gemstone drop necklace
Blue Topaz, Green Amethyst & Yellow Beryl large “Clover Braid” Huggie Earrings & Rings in Sterling Silver -  Large earrings   Large rings  -Medium Earrings ( Not shown) & Rings
From a Selection of Braid Gemstone Rings in Sterling Silver
Unheated Spinel bead, Chrysoprase,  Apatite &  Freshwater pearl & Silver Lariat
Long freshwater pearl & flat sevilla motif necklace in sterling. Long freshwater pearl & mini sevilla necklace in sterling silver. “Three stone” gemstone cocktail rings in sterling silver
"Flat Sevilla" Wrap chain bracelets -  Single chain -  Double chain
Sterling Silver Sevilla chord bracelets
“925” Collection link & Flat Sevilla 50 inch necklace
Freshwater pearl tassel necklace with Sevilla motifs in sterling silver